Commit c1a9012d authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov
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avio: document some members of AVIOContext.

parent e782a0c6
......@@ -43,10 +43,15 @@
* sizeof(AVIOContext) must not be used outside libav*.
typedef struct {
unsigned char *buffer;
int buffer_size;
unsigned char *buf_ptr, *buf_end;
void *opaque;
unsigned char *buffer; /**< Start of the buffer. */
int buffer_size; /**< Maximum buffer size */
unsigned char *buf_ptr; /**< Current position in the buffer */
unsigned char *buf_end; /**< End of the data, may be less than
buffer+buffer_size if the read function returned
less data than requested, e.g. for streams where
no more data has been received yet. */
void *opaque; /**< A private pointer, passed to the read/write/seek/...
functions. */
int (*read_packet)(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size);
int (*write_packet)(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size);
int64_t (*seek)(void *opaque, int64_t offset, int whence);
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