Commit c37322e6 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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x86: Move optimization suffix to end of function names

This simplifies cpuflags porting.
parent fa8fcab1
......@@ -2043,11 +2043,11 @@ PREFETCH(prefetch_3dnow, prefetch)
#include "h264_qpel.c"
void ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_mmx_rnd (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_mmx (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_mmx2_rnd (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_mmx2 (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_3dnow_rnd(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_3dnow(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_put_h264_chroma_mc4_mmx (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
......@@ -2062,12 +2062,12 @@ void ff_put_h264_chroma_mc2_mmx2 (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc2_mmx2 (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_ssse3_rnd(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_ssse3(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_put_h264_chroma_mc4_ssse3 (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_ssse3_rnd(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_ssse3(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc4_ssse3 (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
......@@ -2447,7 +2447,7 @@ static void dsputil_init_mmx(DSPContext *c, AVCodecContext *avctx, int mm_flags)
if (!high_bit_depth && CONFIG_H264CHROMA) {
c->put_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_mmx_rnd;
c->put_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_mmx;
c->put_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[1] = ff_put_h264_chroma_mc4_mmx;
......@@ -2548,7 +2548,7 @@ static void dsputil_init_mmxext(DSPContext *c, AVCodecContext *avctx,
if (!high_bit_depth && CONFIG_H264CHROMA) {
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_mmx2_rnd;
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_mmx2;
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[1] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc4_mmx2;
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[2] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc2_mmx2;
c->put_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[2] = ff_put_h264_chroma_mc2_mmx2;
......@@ -2643,7 +2643,7 @@ static void dsputil_init_3dnow(DSPContext *c, AVCodecContext *avctx,
if (!high_bit_depth && CONFIG_H264CHROMA) {
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_3dnow_rnd;
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_3dnow;
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[1] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc4_3dnow;
#endif /* HAVE_YASM */
......@@ -2796,8 +2796,8 @@ static void dsputil_init_ssse3(DSPContext *c, AVCodecContext *avctx,
H264_QPEL_FUNCS_10(3, 0, ssse3_cache64);
if (!high_bit_depth && CONFIG_H264CHROMA) {
c->put_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_ssse3_rnd;
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_ssse3_rnd;
c->put_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_ssse3;
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc8_rnd_ssse3;
c->put_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[1] = ff_put_h264_chroma_mc4_ssse3;
c->avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab[1] = ff_avg_h264_chroma_mc4_ssse3;
......@@ -437,8 +437,8 @@ cglobal %1_%2_chroma_mc2_%3, 6, 7, 0
chroma_mc8_mmx_func put, h264, mmx_rnd
chroma_mc8_mmx_func put, vc1, mmx_nornd
chroma_mc8_mmx_func put, h264, rnd_mmx
chroma_mc8_mmx_func put, vc1, nornd_mmx
chroma_mc8_mmx_func put, rv40, mmx
chroma_mc4_mmx_func put, h264, mmx
chroma_mc4_mmx_func put, rv40, mmx
......@@ -447,16 +447,16 @@ chroma_mc2_mmx_func put, h264, mmx2
%define PAVG pavgb
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, h264, mmx2_rnd
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, vc1, mmx2_nornd
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, h264, rnd_mmx2
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, vc1, nornd_mmx2
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, rv40, mmx2
chroma_mc4_mmx_func avg, h264, mmx2
chroma_mc4_mmx_func avg, rv40, mmx2
chroma_mc2_mmx_func avg, h264, mmx2
%define PAVG pavgusb
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, h264, 3dnow_rnd
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, vc1, 3dnow_nornd
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, h264, rnd_3dnow
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, vc1, nornd_3dnow
chroma_mc8_mmx_func avg, rv40, 3dnow
chroma_mc4_mmx_func avg, h264, 3dnow
chroma_mc4_mmx_func avg, rv40, 3dnow
......@@ -664,15 +664,15 @@ cglobal %1_%2_chroma_mc4_%3, 6, 7, 0
chroma_mc8_ssse3_func put, h264, ssse3_rnd
chroma_mc8_ssse3_func put, vc1, ssse3_nornd
chroma_mc8_ssse3_func put, h264, rnd_ssse3
chroma_mc8_ssse3_func put, vc1, nornd_ssse3
chroma_mc4_ssse3_func put, h264, ssse3
%define PAVG pavgb
chroma_mc8_ssse3_func avg, h264, ssse3_rnd
chroma_mc8_ssse3_func avg, vc1, ssse3_nornd
chroma_mc8_ssse3_func avg, h264, rnd_ssse3
chroma_mc8_ssse3_func avg, vc1, nornd_ssse3
chroma_mc4_ssse3_func avg, h264, ssse3
......@@ -62,15 +62,15 @@ static void vc1_h_loop_filter16_sse4(uint8_t *src, int stride, int pq)
#endif /* HAVE_YASM */
void ff_put_vc1_chroma_mc8_mmx_nornd (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_put_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_mmx (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_mmx2_nornd (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_mmx2 (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_3dnow_nornd(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_3dnow(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_put_vc1_chroma_mc8_ssse3_nornd(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_put_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_ssse3(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
void ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_ssse3_nornd(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
void ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_ssse3(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
int stride, int h, int x, int y);
......@@ -94,14 +94,14 @@ av_cold void ff_vc1dsp_init_x86(VC1DSPContext *dsp)
if (mm_flags & AV_CPU_FLAG_MMX) {
dsp->put_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0]= ff_put_vc1_chroma_mc8_mmx_nornd;
dsp->put_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_put_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_mmx;
if (mm_flags & AV_CPU_FLAG_MMXEXT) {
dsp->avg_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0]= ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_mmx2_nornd;
dsp->avg_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_mmx2;
} else if (mm_flags & AV_CPU_FLAG_3DNOW) {
dsp->avg_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0]= ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_3dnow_nornd;
dsp->avg_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_3dnow;
if (mm_flags & AV_CPU_FLAG_SSE2) {
......@@ -112,8 +112,8 @@ av_cold void ff_vc1dsp_init_x86(VC1DSPContext *dsp)
if (mm_flags & AV_CPU_FLAG_SSSE3) {
dsp->put_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0]= ff_put_vc1_chroma_mc8_ssse3_nornd;
dsp->avg_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0]= ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_ssse3_nornd;
dsp->put_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_put_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_ssse3;
dsp->avg_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_pixels_tab[0] = ff_avg_vc1_chroma_mc8_nornd_ssse3;
if (mm_flags & AV_CPU_FLAG_SSE4) {
dsp->vc1_h_loop_filter8 = ff_vc1_h_loop_filter8_sse4;
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