Commit c69b3e0d authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Revert r20249, it seems the union trick works everywhere

Original commit message:
	Very evil missuse of svn to test if AVOption and AVOption2 are compatible.
	If this test triggers anywhere for anyone, revert this commit immedeatly.
	Ill revert this in a day or 2, its just so we know beforehand if the idea
	with the union is doable or not without breaking ABI/API.

Originally committed as revision 20264 to svn://
parent cf671d05
...@@ -408,19 +408,6 @@ int av_opt_show(void *obj, void *av_log_obj){ ...@@ -408,19 +408,6 @@ int av_opt_show(void *obj, void *av_log_obj){
void av_opt_set_defaults2(void *s, int mask, int flags) void av_opt_set_defaults2(void *s, int mask, int flags)
{ {
const AVOption *opt = NULL; const AVOption *opt = NULL;
if( sizeof(AVOption) != sizeof(AVOption2)
|| offsetof(AVOption,default_val) != offsetof(AVOption2,default_val.dbl)
|| offsetof(AVOption,min) != offsetof(AVOption2,min)
av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "AVOpt1/2 missmatch %zd %zd %td %td %td %td\n",
sizeof(AVOption), sizeof(AVOption2),
offsetof(AVOption,default_val), offsetof(AVOption2,default_val.dbl),
offsetof(AVOption,min), offsetof(AVOption2,min));
#undef exit
while ((opt = av_next_option(s, opt)) != NULL) { while ((opt = av_next_option(s, opt)) != NULL) {
if((opt->flags & mask) != flags) if((opt->flags & mask) != flags)
continue; continue;
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