Commit c6a7b97c authored by Stefano Sabatini's avatar Stefano Sabatini
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Mark AVERROR_ENOENT for deletion at the next libavutil major bump.

The symbol is currently unused, AVERROR(ENOENT) must be used instead.

Originally committed as revision 22519 to svn://
parent 9b359f51
......@@ -36,13 +36,13 @@
#define AVERROR_IO AVERROR(EIO) /**< I/O error */
#define AVERROR_NOENT AVERROR(ENOENT) /**< No such file or directory. */
#define AVERROR_NOMEM AVERROR(ENOMEM) /**< not enough memory */
#define AVERROR_UNKNOWN AVERROR(EINVAL) /**< unknown error */
#define AVERROR_EOF AVERROR(EPIPE) /**< End of file. */
#define AVERROR_INVALIDDATA AVERROR(EINVAL) /**< invalid data found */
#define AVERROR_NOENT AVERROR(ENOENT) /**< No such file or directory. */
#define AVERROR_NOFMT AVERROR(EILSEQ) /**< unknown format */
#define AVERROR_NOTSUPP AVERROR(ENOSYS) /**< Operation not supported. */
#define AVERROR_NUMEXPECTED AVERROR(EDOM) /**< Number syntax expected in filename. */
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