Commit c953e797 authored by Denes Balatoni's avatar Denes Balatoni Committed by Michael Niedermayer
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denoise_dct_sse2() patch by (Balatoni Denes <pnis at coder dot hu>)

Originally committed as revision 2659 to svn://
parent 76e9d392
......@@ -617,6 +617,60 @@ static void denoise_dct_mmx(MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block){
static void denoise_dct_sse2(MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block){
const int intra= s->mb_intra;
int *sum= s->dct_error_sum[intra];
uint16_t *offset= s->dct_offset[intra];
asm volatile(
"pxor %%xmm7, %%xmm7 \n\t"
"1: \n\t"
"pxor %%xmm0, %%xmm0 \n\t"
"pxor %%xmm1, %%xmm1 \n\t"
"movdqa (%0), %%xmm2 \n\t"
"movdqa 16(%0), %%xmm3 \n\t"
"pcmpgtw %%xmm2, %%xmm0 \n\t"
"pcmpgtw %%xmm3, %%xmm1 \n\t"
"pxor %%xmm0, %%xmm2 \n\t"
"pxor %%xmm1, %%xmm3 \n\t"
"psubw %%xmm0, %%xmm2 \n\t"
"psubw %%xmm1, %%xmm3 \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm2, %%xmm4 \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm3, %%xmm5 \n\t"
"psubusw (%2), %%xmm2 \n\t"
"psubusw 16(%2), %%xmm3 \n\t"
"pxor %%xmm0, %%xmm2 \n\t"
"pxor %%xmm1, %%xmm3 \n\t"
"psubw %%xmm0, %%xmm2 \n\t"
"psubw %%xmm1, %%xmm3 \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm2, (%0) \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm3, 16(%0) \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm4, %%xmm6 \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm5, %%xmm0 \n\t"
"punpcklwd %%xmm7, %%xmm4 \n\t"
"punpckhwd %%xmm7, %%xmm6 \n\t"
"punpcklwd %%xmm7, %%xmm5 \n\t"
"punpckhwd %%xmm7, %%xmm0 \n\t"
"paddd (%1), %%xmm4 \n\t"
"paddd 16(%1), %%xmm6 \n\t"
"paddd 32(%1), %%xmm5 \n\t"
"paddd 48(%1), %%xmm0 \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm4, (%1) \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm6, 16(%1) \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm5, 32(%1) \n\t"
"movdqa %%xmm0, 48(%1) \n\t"
"addl $32, %0 \n\t"
"addl $64, %1 \n\t"
"addl $32, %2 \n\t"
"cmpl %3, %0 \n\t"
" jb 1b \n\t"
: "+r" (block), "+r" (sum), "+r" (offset)
: "r"(block+64)
#undef HAVE_MMX2
#define RENAME(a) a ## _MMX
#define RENAMEl(a) a ## _mmx
......@@ -643,7 +697,11 @@ void MPV_common_init_mmx(MpegEncContext *s)
draw_edges = draw_edges_mmx;
s->denoise_dct= denoise_dct_mmx;
if (mm_flags & MM_SSE2) {
s->denoise_dct= denoise_dct_sse2;
} else {
s->denoise_dct= denoise_dct_mmx;
if(dct_algo==FF_DCT_AUTO || dct_algo==FF_DCT_MMX){
if(mm_flags & MM_MMXEXT){
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