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Improve FF_SYMVER documentation

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......@@ -204,12 +204,21 @@
* Create a non default alias for a function with specified version.
* This is needed when symbols are moved from a lib to a dependancy of the lib
* because the gnu linker as of 2010 is buggy and fails to dynamicaly link if a symbol
* is not found in the lib in which it was during link time with enabled versioning
* even if a correctly versioned and matching symbol exists in another lib and
* even if it did find that would it not contain an explicit check to fail
* Define a function with only the non-default version specified.
* On systems with ELF shared libraries, all symbols exported from
* FFmpeg libraries are tagged with the name and major version of the
* library to which they belong. If a function is moved from one
* library to another, a wrapper must be retained in the original
* location to preserve binary compatibility.
* Functions defined with this macro will never be used to resolve
* symbols by the build-time linker.
* @param type return type of function
* @param name name of function
* @param args argument list of function
* @param ver version tag to assign function
# define FF_SYMVER(type, name, args, ver) \
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