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......@@ -925,9 +925,40 @@ to send your patches to the ffmpeg mailing list.
@section Coding Rules
ffmpeg is programmed in ANSI C language. GCC extensions are
tolerated. Indent size is 4. The TAB character should not be used.
ffmpeg is programmed in the ISO C90 language with a few additional
features from ISO C99, namely:
@itemize @bullet
the @samp{inline} keyword;
@samp{//} comments;
designated struct initializers (@samp{struct s x = @{ .i = 17 @};})
compound literals (@samp{x = (struct s) { 17, 23 @};})
@end itemize
These features are supported by all compilers we care about, so we won't
accept patches to remove their use unless they absolutely don't impair
clarity and performance.
All code must compile with gcc 2.95 and gcc 3.3. Currently, ffmpeg also
compiles with several other compilers, such as the Compaq ccc compiler
or Sun Studio 9, and we would like to keep it that way unless it would
be exceedingly involved. To ensure compatibility, please don't use any
additional C99 features or gcc extensions. Watch out especially for:
@itemize @bullet
mixing statements and declarations;
@samp{long long} (use @samp{int64_t} instead);
@samp{__attribute__} not protected by @samp{#ifdef __GNUC__} or similar;
gcc statement expressions (@samp{(x = (@{ int y = 4; y; @})}).
@end itemize
Indent size is 4. The TAB character should not be used.
The presentation is the one specified by 'indent -i4 -kr'.
Main priority in ffmpeg is simplicity and small code size (=less
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