Commit cb9b39fb authored by Diego Pettenò's avatar Diego Pettenò
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tablegen: the executable depends on tablegen headers as well

Make sure that the *_tablegen.h header is listed in the dependencies, but
filter it out in the compile line.

Originally committed as revision 23963 to svn://
parent 9bbb5064
......@@ -652,8 +652,8 @@ else
$(SUBDIR)%_tablegen$(HOSTEXESUF): $(SUBDIR)%_tablegen.c $(SUBDIR)tableprint.c
$(SUBDIR)%_tablegen$(HOSTEXESUF): $(SUBDIR)%_tablegen.c $(SUBDIR)%_tablegen.h $(SUBDIR)tableprint.c
$(HOSTCC) $(HOSTCFLAGS) $(HOSTLDFLAGS) -o $@ $(filter %.c,$^) $(HOSTLIBS)
$(SUBDIR)%_tables.h: $(SUBDIR)%_tablegen$(HOSTEXESUF)
$(M)./$< > $@
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