Commit cc64ec57 authored by Mans Rullgard's avatar Mans Rullgard
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avserver: use socklen_t where appropriate

Various socket functions expect a pointer to socklen_t which is not
necessarily int.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent be2efe0c
......@@ -799,7 +799,8 @@ static void http_send_too_busy_reply(int fd)
static void new_connection(int server_fd, int is_rtsp)
struct sockaddr_in from_addr;
int fd, len;
socklen_t len;
int fd;
HTTPContext *c = NULL;
len = sizeof(from_addr);
......@@ -1717,7 +1718,8 @@ static int http_parse_request(HTTPContext *c)
uint8_t *sdp_data;
int sdp_data_size, len;
int sdp_data_size;
socklen_t len;
struct sockaddr_in my_addr;
q += snprintf(q, c->buffer_size,
......@@ -2991,7 +2993,8 @@ static void rtsp_cmd_describe(HTTPContext *c, const char *url)
char path1[1024];
const char *path;
uint8_t *content;
int content_length, len;
int content_length;
socklen_t len;
struct sockaddr_in my_addr;
/* find which url is asked */
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