Commit cf04af20 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer Committed by Luca Barbato
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jpeg2000: Check that we have enough components for MCT

Avoid overread.

Found-by: Mateusz "j00ru" Jurczyk and Gynvael Coldwind
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Niedermayer <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLuca Barbato <>
parent b564784a
......@@ -343,6 +343,13 @@ static int get_cod(Jpeg2000DecoderContext *s, Jpeg2000CodingStyle *c,
tmp.nlayers = bytestream2_get_be16u(&s->g);
tmp.mct = bytestream2_get_byteu(&s->g); // multiple component transformation
if (tmp.mct && s->ncomponents < 3) {
av_log(s->avctx, AV_LOG_ERROR,
"MCT %d with too few components (%d)\n",
tmp.mct, s->ncomponents);
if ((ret = get_cox(s, &tmp)) < 0)
return ret;
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