Commit d222f6e3 authored by Jason Garrett-Glaser's avatar Jason Garrett-Glaser Committed by Luca Barbato
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cabac: x86 version of get_cabac_bypass

Signed-off-by: default avatarLuca Barbato <>
parent 41006698
......@@ -113,6 +113,7 @@ static int av_unused get_cabac(CABACContext *c, uint8_t * const state){
return get_cabac_inline(c,state);
#ifndef get_cabac_bypass
static int av_unused get_cabac_bypass(CABACContext *c){
int range;
c->low += c->low;
......@@ -128,7 +129,7 @@ static int av_unused get_cabac_bypass(CABACContext *c){
return 1;
#ifndef get_cabac_bypass_sign
static av_always_inline int get_cabac_bypass_sign(CABACContext *c, int val){
......@@ -229,5 +229,45 @@ static av_always_inline int get_cabac_bypass_sign_x86(CABACContext *c, int val)
return val;
#define get_cabac_bypass get_cabac_bypass_x86
static av_always_inline int get_cabac_bypass_x86(CABACContext *c)
x86_reg tmp;
int res;
__asm__ volatile(
"movl %c6(%2), %k1 \n\t"
"movl %c3(%2), %%eax \n\t"
"shl $17, %k1 \n\t"
"add %%eax, %%eax \n\t"
"sub %k1, %%eax \n\t"
"cltd \n\t"
"and %%edx, %k1 \n\t"
"add %k1, %%eax \n\t"
"inc %%edx \n\t"
"test %%ax, %%ax \n\t"
"jnz 1f \n\t"
"mov %c4(%2), %1 \n\t"
"subl $0xFFFF, %%eax \n\t"
"movzwl (%1), %%ecx \n\t"
"bswap %%ecx \n\t"
"shrl $15, %%ecx \n\t"
"addl %%ecx, %%eax \n\t"
"cmp %c5(%2), %1 \n\t"
"jge 1f \n\t"
"add"OPSIZE" $2, %c4(%2) \n\t"
"1: \n\t"
"movl %%eax, %c3(%2) \n\t"
: "=&d"(res), "=&r"(tmp)
: "r"(c),
"i"(offsetof(CABACContext, low)),
"i"(offsetof(CABACContext, bytestream)),
"i"(offsetof(CABACContext, bytestream_end)),
"i"(offsetof(CABACContext, range))
: "%eax", "%ecx", "memory"
return res;
#endif /* HAVE_INLINE_ASM */
#endif /* AVCODEC_X86_CABAC_H */
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