Commit d233d8ef authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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Remove --enable-static and --disable-shared from help output.

Only one of --enable or --disable should be in the help output.

Originally committed as revision 16758 to svn://
parent 15396d5c
......@@ -68,10 +68,8 @@ show_help(){
echo " --shlibdir=DIR install shared libs in DIR [PREFIX/lib]"
echo " --incdir=DIR install includes in DIR [PREFIX/include]"
echo " --mandir=DIR install man page in DIR [PREFIX/share/man]"
echo " --enable-static build static libraries [yes]"
echo " --disable-static do not build static libraries [no]"
echo " --enable-shared build shared libraries [no]"
echo " --disable-shared do not build shared libraries [yes]"
echo " --enable-gpl allow use of GPL code, the resulting libs"
echo " and binaries will be under GPL [no]"
echo " --enable-nonfree allow use of nonfree code, the resulting libs"
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