Commit d2a25c40 authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov

get_buffer(): do not initialize the data.

There may be more decoders that rely on this. Those should be found and
parent 64ed3976
......@@ -1563,11 +1563,6 @@ static int alloc_buffer(FrameBuffer **pool, AVCodecContext *s, FrameBuffer **pbu
return ret;
/* XXX this shouldn't be needed, but some tests break without this line
* those decoders are buggy and need to be fixed.
* the following tests fail:
memset(buf->base[0], 128, ret);
&h_chroma_shift, &v_chroma_shift);
......@@ -421,7 +421,6 @@ static int video_get_buffer(AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *pic)
buf->base[i] = av_malloc(size[i] + 16); //FIXME 16
if (buf->base[i] == NULL)
return -1;
memset(buf->base[i], 128, size[i]);
// no edge if EDGE EMU or not planar YUV
if ((s->flags & CODEC_FLAG_EMU_EDGE) || !size[2])
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