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no longer true

Originally committed as revision 3134 to svn://
parent cc77b943
......@@ -719,7 +719,7 @@ following image formats are supported:
@item Asus v2 @tab X @tab X @tab fourcc: ASV2
@item Creative YUV @tab @tab X @tab fourcc: CYUV
@item H.264 @tab @tab X
@item Sorenson Video 1 @tab X @tab X @tab fourcc: SVQ1; note: use '-pix_fmt yuv410p' option for encoding
@item Sorenson Video 1 @tab X @tab X @tab fourcc: SVQ1
@item Sorenson Video 3 @tab @tab X @tab fourcc: SVQ3
@item On2 VP3 @tab @tab X @tab still experimental
@item Theora @tab @tab X @tab still experimental
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