Commit d3635f3a authored by Luca Barbato's avatar Luca Barbato
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compat: wrap math.h to avoid AIX-specific clashes

AIX defines a class() function in its math.h header without any
parent 0420c810
* Workaround aix-specific class() function clashing with libav class usage
#define class class_in_math_h_causes_problems
#include_next <math.h>
#undef class
#endif /* COMPAT_AIX_MATH_H */
...@@ -3049,6 +3049,9 @@ enabled spic && enable_weak pic ...@@ -3049,6 +3049,9 @@ enabled spic && enable_weak pic
# OS specific # OS specific
case $target_os in case $target_os in
add_cppflags '-I\$(SRC_PATH)/compat/aix'
haiku) haiku)
prefix_default="/boot/common" prefix_default="/boot/common"
network_extralibs="-lnetwork" network_extralibs="-lnetwork"
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