Commit d671e2fe authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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fixing padding bug autodetection for some rare files, closes bug #647941

Originally committed as revision 1613 to svn://
parent 948c3a13
......@@ -530,9 +530,11 @@ retry:
s->workaround_bugs|= FF_BUG_DIRECT_BLOCKSIZE;
//printf("padding_bug_score: %d\n", s->padding_bug_score);
if(s->divx_version==501 && s->divx_build==20020416)
s->padding_bug_score= 256*256*256*64;
#if 0
s->workaround_bugs|= FF_BUG_NO_PADDING;
s->padding_bug_score= 256*256*256*64;
/* very ugly XVID padding bug detection FIXME/XXX solve this differently
* lets hope this at least works
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