Commit d9df93ef authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov
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mpegvideo: simplify REBASE_PICTURE

Always evaluate to NULL when the source Picture is not located in the
MpegEncContext.picture array. That will only happen for
next/last_picture_ptr when updating the thread context during h264 frame
threaded decoding, where they will point to elements of ref_list. Since
ref_list is not copied during updating the context and is invalid until
it is constructed for the current slice, there is no point in doing
anything complicated with next/last_picture_ptr, as they will get
updated when the ref_list is filled.
parent 76d90125
......@@ -712,10 +712,10 @@ typedef struct MpegEncContext {
int context_reinit;
} MpegEncContext;
#define REBASE_PICTURE(pic, new_ctx, old_ctx) (pic ? \
(pic >= old_ctx->picture && pic < old_ctx->picture+old_ctx->picture_count ?\
&new_ctx->picture[pic - old_ctx->picture] : (Picture*) ((uint8_t*)pic - (uint8_t*)old_ctx + (uint8_t*)new_ctx))\
#define REBASE_PICTURE(pic, new_ctx, old_ctx) \
((pic && pic >= old_ctx->picture && \
pic < old_ctx->picture + old_ctx->picture_count) ? \
&new_ctx->picture[pic - old_ctx->picture] : NULL)
/* mpegvideo_enc common options */
#define FF_MPV_FLAG_SKIP_RD 0x0001
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