Commit dae24349 authored by John Fletcher's avatar John Fletcher Committed by Stefano Sabatini
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Fix documentation for avcodec_encode_audio(), in the case of PCM audio

the output buffer size may be less than FF_MIN_BUFFER_SIZE.

Patch by John Fletcher john.surname AT rd . bbc . co . uk.

Originally committed as revision 18449 to svn://
parent 4af615b8
......@@ -3223,6 +3223,9 @@ int avcodec_parse_frame(AVCodecContext *avctx, uint8_t **pdata,
* stored in output buffer \p buf.
* @note The output buffer should be at least \c FF_MIN_BUFFER_SIZE bytes large.
* However, for PCM audio the user will know how much space is needed
* because it depends on the value passed in \p buf_size as described
* below. In that case a lower value can be used.
* @param avctx the codec context
* @param[out] buf the output buffer
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