Commit dda20a6e authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov
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avprobe: also output dar/par if only defined in stream

Based on a patch by Jan Gerber <>
parent be6cde3c
......@@ -583,7 +583,7 @@ static void show_stream(AVFormatContext *fmt_ctx, int stream_idx)
const AVCodec *dec;
const char *profile;
char val_str[128];
AVRational display_aspect_ratio;
AVRational display_aspect_ratio, *sar = NULL;
const AVPixFmtDescriptor *desc;
......@@ -618,13 +618,16 @@ static void show_stream(AVFormatContext *fmt_ctx, int stream_idx)
probe_int("width", dec_ctx->width);
probe_int("height", dec_ctx->height);
probe_int("has_b_frames", dec_ctx->has_b_frames);
if (dec_ctx->sample_aspect_ratio.num) {
if (dec_ctx->sample_aspect_ratio.num)
sar = &dec_ctx->sample_aspect_ratio;
else if (stream->sample_aspect_ratio.num)
sar = &stream->sample_aspect_ratio;
if (sar) {
rational_string(val_str, sizeof(val_str), ":",
rational_string(val_str, sizeof(val_str), ":", sar));
av_reduce(&display_aspect_ratio.num, &display_aspect_ratio.den,
dec_ctx->width * dec_ctx->sample_aspect_ratio.num,
dec_ctx->height * dec_ctx->sample_aspect_ratio.den,
dec_ctx->width * sar->num, dec_ctx->height * sar->den,
rational_string(val_str, sizeof(val_str), ":",
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