Commit de0e19cc authored by Måns Rullgård's avatar Måns Rullgård
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ARM: disable use of system byteswap.h

Our bswap functions are better than those in glibc, which has
no ARM-optimised versions.

Originally committed as revision 14241 to svn://
parent c696a863
...@@ -830,6 +830,9 @@ neon_deps="armv4l" ...@@ -830,6 +830,9 @@ neon_deps="armv4l"
ssse3_deps="x86" ssse3_deps="x86"
vis_deps="sparc" vis_deps="sparc"
# system headers and functions
# decoders / encoders # decoders / encoders
ac3_decoder_deps="gpl !liba52" ac3_decoder_deps="gpl !liba52"
dxa_decoder_deps="zlib" dxa_decoder_deps="zlib"
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