Commit df7625ed authored by Wolfram Gloger's avatar Wolfram Gloger Committed by Diego Biurrun
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av_estimate_timings_from_pts() flushes the packet queue but doesn't

reset the streams' cur_dts values.  This can lead to a fatal "error,
non monotone timestamps ..." message later, because the out-of-date
cur_dts values are used to compute some packet's dts.

Fix this by calling av_read_frame_flush() and eliminate code
duplication in the process.

The additional hunk gives more detailed error messages.

patch by Wolfram Gloger, wmglo de

Originally committed as revision 8465 to svn://
parent e14f79ed
......@@ -1460,21 +1460,7 @@ static void av_estimate_timings_from_pts(AVFormatContext *ic, offset_t old_offse
int64_t end_time;
int64_t filesize, offset, duration;
/* free previous packet */
if (ic->cur_st && ic->cur_st->parser)
ic->cur_st = NULL;
/* flush packet queue */
for(i=0;i<ic->nb_streams;i++) {
st = ic->streams[i];
if (st->parser) {
st->parser= NULL;
/* we read the first packets to get the first PTS (not fully
accurate, but it is enough now) */
......@@ -2129,11 +2115,12 @@ static int compute_pkt_fields2(AVStream *st, AVPacket *pkt){
if(st->cur_dts && st->cur_dts != AV_NOPTS_VALUE && st->cur_dts >= pkt->dts){
av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "error, non monotone timestamps %"PRId64" >= %"PRId64"\n", st->cur_dts, pkt->dts);
av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "error, non monotone timestamps %"PRId64" >= %"PRId64" st:%d\n", st->cur_dts, pkt->dts, st->index);
return -1;
if(pkt->dts != AV_NOPTS_VALUE && pkt->pts != AV_NOPTS_VALUE && pkt->pts < pkt->dts){
av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "error, pts < dts\n");
av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "error, pts < dts (%"PRId64" < %"PRId64")\n",
pkt->pts, pkt->dts);
return -1;
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