Commit e026c9b3 authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov
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lavfi/audio: don't set cur_buf in ff_filter_samples().

It's redundant, since the input buffer is passed as a parameter to the
filter_samples() callback, and can lead to stale pointers remaining on
the link.
parent 4a97ff2f
......@@ -176,6 +176,7 @@ void ff_filter_samples(AVFilterLink *link, AVFilterBufferRef *samplesref)
void (*filter_samples)(AVFilterLink *, AVFilterBufferRef *);
AVFilterPad *dst = link->dstpad;
AVFilterBufferRef *buf_out;
FF_DPRINTF_START(NULL, filter_samples); ff_dlog_link(NULL, link, 1);
......@@ -189,21 +190,21 @@ void ff_filter_samples(AVFilterLink *link, AVFilterBufferRef *samplesref)
"Copying audio data in avfilter (have perms %x, need %x, reject %x)\n",
samplesref->perms, link->dstpad->min_perms, link->dstpad->rej_perms);
link->cur_buf = ff_default_get_audio_buffer(link, dst->min_perms,
link->cur_buf->pts = samplesref->pts;
link->cur_buf->audio->sample_rate = samplesref->audio->sample_rate;
buf_out = ff_default_get_audio_buffer(link, dst->min_perms,
buf_out->pts = samplesref->pts;
buf_out->audio->sample_rate = samplesref->audio->sample_rate;
/* Copy actual data into new samples buffer */
av_samples_copy(link->cur_buf->extended_data, samplesref->extended_data,
av_samples_copy(buf_out->extended_data, samplesref->extended_data,
0, 0, samplesref->audio->nb_samples,
} else
link->cur_buf = samplesref;
buf_out = samplesref;
filter_samples(link, link->cur_buf);
filter_samples(link, buf_out);
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