Commit e28b7553 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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configure: Add option to disable all command line programs

parent b74dbdd5
......@@ -101,12 +101,15 @@ Configuration options:
--enable-gray enable full grayscale support (slower color)
--disable-swscale-alpha disable alpha channel support in swscale
Component options:
--disable-doc do not build documentation
Program options:
--disable-programs do not build command line programs
--disable-avconv disable avconv build
--disable-avplay disable avplay build
--disable-avprobe disable avprobe build
--disable-avserver disable avserver build
Component options:
--disable-doc do not build documentation
--disable-avdevice disable libavdevice build
--disable-avcodec disable libavcodec build
--disable-avformat disable libavformat build
......@@ -1945,6 +1948,9 @@ for opt do
--enable-debug=*) debuglevel="$optval"
map 'eval unset \${$(toupper ${v%s})_LIST}' $COMPONENT_LIST
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