Commit e5776422 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Cleanup first paragraph of doxy of avcodec_decode_audio3().

Originally committed as revision 18701 to svn://
parent 37844111
......@@ -3078,11 +3078,10 @@ attribute_deprecated int avcodec_decode_audio2(AVCodecContext *avctx, int16_t *s
* Decodes an audio frame from \p avpkt->data into \p samples.
* The avcodec_decode_audio3() function decodes an audio frame from the input
* buffer \p avpkt->data of size \p avpkt->size. To decode it, it makes use of the
* audio codec which was coupled with \p avctx using avcodec_open(). The
* resulting decoded frame is stored in output buffer \p samples. If no frame
* Decodes the audio frame of size avpkt->size from avpkt->data into samples.
* Some decoders may support multiple frames in a single AVPacket, such
* decoders would then just decode the first frame.
* If no frame
* could be decompressed, \p frame_size_ptr is zero. Otherwise, it is the
* decompressed frame size in \e bytes.
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