Commit e5b0cfb5 authored by Google Chrome's avatar Google Chrome Committed by Michael Niedermayer
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Add checks for per-packet mode indexes and per-header mode mapping indexes.

12_vorbis_mode_indexes.patch by chrome
maybe exploitable

Originally committed as revision 19990 to svn://
parent 79a42581
......@@ -793,7 +793,11 @@ static int vorbis_parse_setup_hdr_modes(vorbis_context *vc) {
mode_setup->windowtype=get_bits(gb, 16); //FIXME check
mode_setup->transformtype=get_bits(gb, 16); //FIXME check
mode_setup->mapping=get_bits(gb, 8); //FIXME check
mode_setup->mapping=get_bits(gb, 8);
if (mode_setup->mapping>=vc->mapping_count) {
av_log(vc->avccontext, AV_LOG_ERROR, "mode mapping value %d out of range. \n", mode_setup->mapping);
return 1;
AV_DEBUG(" %d mode: blockflag %d, windowtype %d, transformtype %d, mapping %d \n", i, mode_setup->blockflag, mode_setup->windowtype, mode_setup->transformtype, mode_setup->mapping);
......@@ -1450,6 +1454,10 @@ static int vorbis_parse_audio_packet(vorbis_context *vc) {
} else {
mode_number=get_bits(gb, ilog(vc->mode_count-1));
if (mode_number>=vc->mode_count) {
av_log(vc->avccontext, AV_LOG_ERROR, "mode number %d out of range.\n", mode_number);
return -1;
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