Commit e6c4c0f7 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun

fate: atrac: Place atrac1 and atrac3 tests in different groups

parent 06c7b338
FATE_ATRAC += fate-atrac1
FATE_ATRAC1 += fate-atrac1
fate-atrac1: CMD = pcm -i $(SAMPLES)/atrac1/test_tones_small.aea
fate-atrac1: REF = $(SAMPLES)/atrac1/test_tones_small.pcm
FATE_ATRAC += fate-atrac3-1
FATE_ATRAC3 += fate-atrac3-1
fate-atrac3-1: CMD = pcm -i $(SAMPLES)/atrac3/mc_sich_at3_066_small.wav
fate-atrac3-1: REF = $(SAMPLES)/atrac3/mc_sich_at3_066_small.pcm
FATE_ATRAC += fate-atrac3-2
FATE_ATRAC3 += fate-atrac3-2
fate-atrac3-2: CMD = pcm -i $(SAMPLES)/atrac3/mc_sich_at3_105_small.wav
fate-atrac3-2: REF = $(SAMPLES)/atrac3/mc_sich_at3_105_small.pcm
FATE_ATRAC += fate-atrac3-3
FATE_ATRAC3 += fate-atrac3-3
fate-atrac3-3: CMD = pcm -i $(SAMPLES)/atrac3/mc_sich_at3_132_small.wav
fate-atrac3-3: REF = $(SAMPLES)/atrac3/mc_sich_at3_132_small.pcm
$(FATE_ATRAC): CMP = oneoff
fate-atrac: $(FATE_ATRAC)
$(FATE_ATRAC_ALL): CMP = oneoff
fate-atrac: $(FATE_ATRAC_ALL)
fate-atrac3: $(FATE_ATRAC3)
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