Commit e75f418c authored by Reimar Döffinger's avatar Reimar Döffinger
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Fix aspect for 24bpp TM1 samples.

Originally committed as revision 25663 to svn://
parent a940dc69
......@@ -409,6 +409,7 @@ static int truemotion1_decode_header(TrueMotion1Context *s)
new_pix_fmt != s->avctx->pix_fmt) {
if (s->[0])
s->avctx->release_buffer(s->avctx, &s->frame);
s->avctx->sample_aspect_ratio = (AVRational){ 1 << width_shift, 1 };
s->avctx->pix_fmt = new_pix_fmt;
avcodec_set_dimensions(s->avctx, s->w, s->h);
av_fast_malloc(&s->vert_pred, &s->vert_pred_size, s->avctx->width * sizeof(unsigned int));
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