Commit e816034a authored by Janne Grunau's avatar Janne Grunau
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fate-seek: remove use of gnu make 3.82 only private modifier

parent c8148e5c
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ FATE_SEEK += $(FATE_SEEK_LAVF-yes:%=fate-seek-lavf-%)
$(FATE_SEEK): libavformat/seek-test$(EXESUF)
$(FATE_SEEK): CMD = run libavformat/seek-test$(EXESUF) $(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/$(SRC)
$(FATE_SEEK): fate-seek-%: fate-%
fate-seek-%: private REF = $(SRC_PATH)/tests/ref/seek/$(@:fate-seek-%=%)
fate-seek-%: REF = $(SRC_PATH)/tests/ref/seek/$(@:fate-seek-%=%)
fate-seek: $(FATE_SEEK)
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