Commit e9ca5f08 authored by Kostya Shishkov's avatar Kostya Shishkov
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Print VC-1 aspect ratio in debug

Originally committed as revision 16577 to svn://
parent 820089cb
......@@ -1019,6 +1019,7 @@ static int decode_sequence_header_adv(VC1Context *v, GetBitContext *gb)
h = get_bits(gb, 8);
v->s.avctx->sample_aspect_ratio = (AVRational){w, h};
av_log(v->s.avctx, AV_LOG_DEBUG, "Aspect: %i:%i\n", v->s.avctx->sample_aspect_ratio.num, v->s.avctx->sample_aspect_ratio.den);
if(get_bits1(gb)){ //framerate stuff
if(get_bits1(gb)) {
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