Commit ebb7f7de authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse
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aaclatm: Eliminate dummy packets due to muxlength calculation.

Muxlength does not include the 3 bytes of AudioSyncStream() before the
AudioMuxElement(). If these three bytes are not accounted for the last three
bytes of the LATM packet are sent back to the decoder again.

Fixes issue244/mux2.share.ts

Originally committed as revision 25685 to svn://
parent c77549c5
......@@ -2310,9 +2310,9 @@ static int latm_decode_frame(AVCodecContext *avctx, void *out, int *out_size,
if (get_bits(&gb, 11) != LOAS_SYNC_WORD)
muxlength = get_bits(&gb, 13);
muxlength = get_bits(&gb, 13) + 3;
// not enough data, the parser should have sorted this
if (muxlength+3 > avpkt->size)
if (muxlength > avpkt->size)
if ((err = read_audio_mux_element(latmctx, &gb)) < 0)
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