Commit f01bd9da authored by Benjamin Larsson's avatar Benjamin Larsson
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Correct value for the test.

Originally committed as revision 7398 to svn://
parent aa38b097
......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ bdb7484c68db722f66ba1630cf79844c *./data/b-libav.mpg
87a8c8be5db2513356b28f29dff5769e *./data/b-libav.ffm
380928 ./data/b-libav.ffm
./data/b-libav.ffm CRC=0x01522b4a
5e8aa303a877cfac6569ed11cf20e92b *./data/b-libav.flv
335810 ./data/b-libav.flv
f8ad5bd78f4d012a8ce9570aa395ac54 *./data/b-libav.flv
335833 ./data/b-libav.flv
./data/b-libav.flv CRC=0xe14e8847
16518706f425cb537362bfc1c58b8de5 *./data/
366923 ./data/
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