Commit f05773ea authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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remove mxf_build_structural_metadata, simplify

Originally committed as revision 15113 to svn://
parent 98f7c5e0
......@@ -636,13 +636,7 @@ static void mxf_write_package(AVFormatContext *s, enum MXFMetadataSetType type)
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, 16, 0x4701);
mxf_write_uuid(pb, MultipleDescriptor, 0);
static void mxf_build_structural_metadata(AVFormatContext *s, enum MXFMetadataSetType type)
int i;
mxf_write_package(s, type);
if (type == SourcePackage)
......@@ -664,8 +658,8 @@ static int mxf_write_header_metadata_sets(AVFormatContext *s)
mxf_build_structural_metadata(s, MaterialPackage);
mxf_build_structural_metadata(s, SourcePackage);
mxf_write_package(s, MaterialPackage);
mxf_write_package(s, SourcePackage);
return 0;
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