Commit f082a0fb authored by Mans Rullgard's avatar Mans Rullgard

configure: report optimization for size separately

This removes an unsightly override of the 'optimizations' setting
only to make the configure report print 'small' when --enable-small
is used.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent 53d5cd2c
......@@ -3006,7 +3006,6 @@ fi
if enabled small; then
add_cflags $size_cflags
elif enabled optimizations; then
add_cflags $speed_cflags
......@@ -3140,6 +3139,7 @@ if enabled sparc; then
echo "VIS enabled ${vis-no}"
echo "debug symbols ${debug-no}"
echo "optimize for size ${small-no}"
echo "optimizations ${optimizations-no}"
echo "static ${static-no}"
echo "shared ${shared-no}"
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