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Add an "How does it work" section in ffserver-doc.texi.

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[Contributed by Philip Gladstone, philip-ffserver at gladstonefamily dot net]
@section How does it work?
FFserver receives prerecorded files or FFM streams from some ffmpeg
instance as input, then streams them over RTP/RTSP/HTTP.
An ffserver instance will listen on some port as specified in the
configuration file. You can launch one or more instances of ffmpeg and
send one or more FFM streams to the port where ffserver is expecting
to receive them. Alternately, you can make ffserver launch such ffmpeg
instances at startup.
Input streams are called feeds, and each one is specified by a <Feed>
section in the configuration file.
For each feed you can have different output streams in various
formats, each one specified by a <Stream> section in the configuration
@section What can this do?
When properly configured and running, you can capture video and audio in real
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