Commit f3c04c13 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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Remove redundant av_log2_16bit forward declaration, fixes checkheaders warning:

libavutil/internal.h:167: warning: redundant redeclaration of `av_log2_16bit'
libavutil/common.h:143: warning: previous definition of `av_log2_16bit' was here

Originally committed as revision 16773 to svn://
parent 6b8b7258
......@@ -164,8 +164,6 @@ static inline av_const int FASTDIV(int a, int b)
extern const uint8_t ff_sqrt_tab[256];
static inline int av_log2_16bit(unsigned int v);
static inline av_const unsigned int ff_sqrt(unsigned int a)
unsigned int b;
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