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Doxygen example

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......@@ -987,11 +987,39 @@ Main priority in ffmpeg is simplicity and small code size (=less
Comments: use the JavaDoc/Doxygen
format (see examples in @file{libavformat/utils.c}) so that a documentation
format (see examples below) so that a documentation
can be generated automatically. All non trivial functions should have a comment
above it explaining what the function does, even if its just one sentance.
All Structures and their member variables should be documented too.
 * @file mpeg.c
 * mpeg codec.
 * @author ...
 * Summary sentance.
 * more text ...
 * ...
typedef struct Foobar{
    int var1; /**< var1 description */
    int var2; ///< var2 description
    /** var3 description */
    int var3;
} Foobar;
 * Summary sentance.
 * more text ...
 * ...
 * @param my_parameter description of my_parameter
 * @return return value description
int myfunc(int my_parameter)
@end example
fprintf and printf are forbidden in libavformat and libavcodec,
please use av_log() instead.
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