Commit f4a4be3f authored by Wallak's avatar Wallak Committed by Carl Eugen Hoyos
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H264 allows B frames without requiring a >=1 sized buffer.

Patch by wallak, wallak free fr

Originally committed as revision 20160 to svn://
parent 1febba1e
......@@ -770,7 +770,7 @@ static void compute_pkt_fields(AVFormatContext *s, AVStream *st,
int num, den, presentation_delayed, delay, i;
int64_t offset;
if (pc && pc->pict_type == FF_B_TYPE)
if (st->codec->codec_id != CODEC_ID_H264 && pc && pc->pict_type == FF_B_TYPE)
st->codec->has_b_frames = 1;
/* do we have a video B-frame ? */
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