Commit f56995b4 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Half user provided time_base once during the first frame when there is no

timebase stored in the h264 stream.
This should fix fate. (ffmpeg.c used pict_repeat with its default 1/25 timebase)

Originally committed as revision 17622 to svn://
parent 26aedb4a
......@@ -3768,6 +3768,9 @@ static int decode_slice_header(H264Context *h, H264Context *h0){
s->avctx->time_base.den *= 2;
av_reduce(&s->avctx->time_base.num, &s->avctx->time_base.den,
s->avctx->time_base.num, s->avctx->time_base.den, 1<<30);
}else if(!h->sps.time_scale && !s->avctx->frame_number){
s->avctx->time_base.den *=2;
h->sps.time_scale= s->avctx->time_base.den;
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