Commit f57a4535 authored by Fabrice Bellard's avatar Fabrice Bellard
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added VPATH support

Originally committed as revision 526 to svn://
parent 1c098b2f
include ../config.mak
CFLAGS= $(OPTFLAGS) -Wall -g -I../libavcodec -DHAVE_AV_CONFIG_H
PWD=$(shell pwd)
OBJS= rm.o mpeg.o asf.o avienc.o jpeg.o swf.o wav.o raw.o \
avidec.o ffm.o \
avio.o aviobuf.o utils.o \
file.o img.o au.o gif.o mov.o
file.o img.o au.o gif.o mov.o crc.o
ifeq ($(CONFIG_GRAB),yes)
OBJS+= grab.o audio.o
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