Commit f5eecee8 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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ppc: util_altivec: Surround AltiVec-related code by appropriate ifdefs

This prevents non-AltiVec-enabled compilers from choking.
parent 6b110d3a
......@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@
#include "types_altivec.h"
// used to build registers permutation vectors (vcprm)
// the 's' are for words in the _s_econd vector
#define WORD_0 0x00,0x01,0x02,0x03
......@@ -115,4 +117,6 @@ static inline vec_u8 load_with_perm_vec(int offset, uint8_t *src, vec_u8 perm_ve
return vec_perm(a, b, perm_vec);
#endif /* HAVE_ALTIVEC */
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