Commit f8b5f7c7 authored by Vitor Sessak's avatar Vitor Sessak
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Rename var

Originally committed as revision 13393 to svn://
parent ac1c27b2
......@@ -118,14 +118,14 @@ static int irms(const short *data, int factor)
/* multiply/add wavetable */
static void add_wav(int n, int f, int *m, const short *s1,
static void add_wav(int n, int skip_first, int *m, const short *s1,
const int8_t *s2, const int8_t *s3, short *dest)
int i;
int v[3];
v[0] = 0;
for (i=!f; i<3; i++)
for (i=!skip_first; i<3; i++)
v[i] = (wavtable1[n][i] * m[i]) >> (wavtable2[n][i] + 1);
for (i=0; i < BLOCKSIZE; i++)
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