Commit faf6112e authored by Diego Pettenò's avatar Diego Pettenò
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Mark variation-specific interleaveBytes static.

These functions are never called by themselves, the alias
interleaveBytes is used instead.

Originally committed as revision 27735 to svn://
parent 6683a37f
......@@ -2429,7 +2429,7 @@ static inline void RENAME(rgb24toyv12)(const uint8_t *src, uint8_t *ydst, uint8_
void RENAME(interleaveBytes)(uint8_t *src1, uint8_t *src2, uint8_t *dest,
static void RENAME(interleaveBytes)(uint8_t *src1, uint8_t *src2, uint8_t *dest,
long width, long height, long src1Stride,
long src2Stride, long dstStride){
long h;
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