Commit fd9da252 authored by Stefano Sabatini's avatar Stefano Sabatini
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Use av_get_pict_type_char() in debug code within output_picture2(),


Originally committed as revision 22247 to svn://
parent bfca7777
......@@ -1442,17 +1442,8 @@ static int output_picture2(VideoState *is, AVFrame *src_frame, double pts1, int6
is->video_clock += frame_delay;
#if defined(DEBUG_SYNC) && 0
int ftype;
if (src_frame->pict_type == FF_B_TYPE)
ftype = 'B';
else if (src_frame->pict_type == FF_I_TYPE)
ftype = 'I';
ftype = 'P';
printf("frame_type=%c clock=%0.3f pts=%0.3f\n",
ftype, pts, pts1);
av_get_pict_type_char(src_frame->pict_type), pts, pts1);
return queue_picture(is, src_frame, pts, pos);
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