Commit fec2e513 authored by Vitor Sessak's avatar Vitor Sessak
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Simplify extract_inout() as suggested by Michael

Commited in SoC by Vitor Sessak on 2008-04-23 18:01:31

Originally committed as revision 13324 to svn://
parent c9987633
...@@ -179,26 +179,15 @@ static void free_inout(AVFilterInOut *head) ...@@ -179,26 +179,15 @@ static void free_inout(AVFilterInOut *head)
static AVFilterInOut *extract_inout(const char *label, AVFilterInOut **links) static AVFilterInOut *extract_inout(const char *label, AVFilterInOut **links)
{ {
AVFilterInOut *ret; AVFilterInOut *ret;
AVFilterInOut *p;
if(!links || !*links)
return NULL;
if(!strcmp((*links)->name, label)) {
ret = *links;
*links = (*links)->next;
return ret;
/* First check if the label is not in the openLinks list */
for(p = *links; p->next && strcmp(p->next->name, label); p = p->next);
if(!p->next) while(*links && strcmp((*links)->name, label))
return NULL; links= &((*links)->next);
ret = p->next; ret= *links;
p->next = p->next->next; if(ret)
*links= ret->next;
return ret; return ret;
} }
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