Commit ff9a056d authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Fix build failure due to %%eip on x86_64.

Originally committed as revision 27569 to svn://
parent 6b79dbce
......@@ -1909,13 +1909,15 @@ static inline void bgr24ToY_mmx(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, long width, int srcF
if(srcFormat == PIX_FMT_BGR24){
asm volatile(
"movq "MANGLE(ff_bgr24toY1Coeff)", %mm5 \n\t"
"movq "MANGLE(ff_bgr24toY2Coeff)", %mm6 \n\t"
"movq "MANGLE(ff_bgr24toY1Coeff)", %%mm5 \n\t"
"movq "MANGLE(ff_bgr24toY2Coeff)", %%mm6 \n\t"
asm volatile(
"movq "MANGLE(ff_rgb24toY1Coeff)", %mm5 \n\t"
"movq "MANGLE(ff_rgb24toY2Coeff)", %mm6 \n\t"
"movq "MANGLE(ff_rgb24toY1Coeff)", %%mm5 \n\t"
"movq "MANGLE(ff_rgb24toY2Coeff)", %%mm6 \n\t"
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