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rewrite git-howto for the no merge policy

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......@@ -56,17 +56,23 @@ I. BASICS:
2. Updating the source tree to the latest revision:
git pull
git pull (--ff-only)
pulls in the latest changes from the repository to your local master branch.
pulls in the latest changes from the tracked branch. The tracked branch
can be remote. By default the master branch tracks the branch master in
the remote origin.
Caveat: Since merge commits are forbidden at least for the initial
months of git --ff-only or --rebase (see below) are recommended.
--ff-only will fail and not create merge commits if your branch
has diverged (has a different history) from the tracked branch.
2.a Rebasing your local branches:
git pull --rebase
fetches the changes from the main repository and replays your local commits
over it. This is useful to keep all your local changes at the top of your
over it. This is required to keep all your local changes at the top of
FFmpeg's master tree. The master tree will reject pushes with merge commits.
3. Adding/removing files/directories:
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