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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master' · 1bdc212a
    Michael Niedermayer authored
    * qatar/master:
      build: link test programs with static libraries
      dct-test: remove unused variable cropTbl
      swscale: fix overflow in gray16 vertical scaling.
      get_bits: remove LAST_SKIP_CACHE macro
      swscale: fix integer overflows in RGB pixel writing.
      swscale: add endian conversion for RGB555 and RGB444 pixel formats
      swscale: fix overflows in output of RGB48 pixels.
      get_bits: remove strange/obsolete comments
      get_bits: whitespace (mostly) cosmetics
      swscale: add rgb565 endianess conversion
      get_bits: remove unnecessary #includes
      mp3dec: hack: fix decoding with safe bitstream reader
      fate: fix eatqi test
      adpcm: Check for channels to be a non-zero integer
      swscale: fix overflows in RGB rounding constants.
      get_bits: introduce safe bitreading to prevent overreads.
    Merged-by: 's avatarMichael Niedermayer <michaelni@gmx.at>
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