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    Michael Niedermayer authored
    * qatar/master:
      tests: Refactor rotozoom/videogen common code into a separate file.
      tests: Mark some file-internal symbols as static.
      build: Drop leftover .exp pattern from LIBSUFFIXES list.
      vsrc_buffer: return EAGAIN if no frame is available.
      WMAL: Shift output samples by the specified number of padding zeroes.
      WMAL: Restore removed code in mclms_predict()
      rtpdec_h264: Remove a useless ifdef
      rtpdec_h264: Remove outdated/useless/incorrect comments
      rtpdec_h264: Remove useless memory corruption checks
      rtpdec_h264: Return proper error codes
      rtpdec_h264: Check the available data length before reading
      rtpdec_h264: Add input size checks
      png: check bit depth for PAL8/Y400A pixel formats.
      ea: check chunk_size for validity.
      celp filters: Do not read earlier than the start of the 'out' vector.
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