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    Michael Niedermayer authored
    * qatar/master:
      build: ppc: drop stray leftover backslash
      build: Only clean the architecture subdirectory we build for.
      build: drop some unnecessary dependencies from the H.264 parser
      build: prettyprinting cosmetics
      libavutil: Remove pointless rational test program.
      libavutil: Remove broken and pointless lzo test program.
      lavf doxy: expand AVStream.codec doxy.
      lavf doxy: improve AVStream.time_base doxy.
      lavf doxy: add some basic documentation about reading from the demuxer.
      lavf doxy: document passing options to demuxers.
      lavf doxy: clarify that an AVPacket contains encoded data.
      mpegtsenc: allow user triggered PES packet flushing
      APIchanges: mark the place where 0.7 was cut.
      APIchanges: mark the place where 0.8 was cut.
      APIchanges: fill in missing dates and hashes.
      smacker: convert palette and header reading to bytestream2.
      alac: convert extradata reading to bytestream2.
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