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    Michael Niedermayer authored
    * qatar/master:
      qdm2: Use floating point synthesis filter.
      h264: correct border check.
      h264: fix loopfilter with threading at slice boundaries.
      Fix ff_mpa_synth_filter_fixed() prototype
      Rename costablegen.c ---> cos_tablegen.c.
      Collapse tableprint.c into tableprint.h.
      Simplify trig table rules
      Remove potentially unstable filenames from comments in generated files.
      Ignore generated tables and generated table generator programs.
      Simplify CLEANFILES make variable by using wildcards.
      Remove silly insults from avformat_version() Doxygen documentation.
      mpegaudiodsp: fix x86 and ppc makefiles
      configure: Adjust AVX assembler check.
      mpegaudio: remove unused version of SAME_HEADER_MASK
      mpegaudio: remove useless #undef at end of file
      asfdec: add missing #include for av_bswap32()
      mpegaudio: merge two #if CONFIG_FLOAT blocks
      mpegaudio: move some struct definitions from mpegaudio.h
      Move some mpegaudio functions to new mpegaudiodsp subsystem
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